About us

SAMBA Healthcare Consultancy is a start up company established in August 2019 in order to provide clients inside & outside the health sector, expert advice and quality locally made medical products in alignment with Universal Health Coverage towards professional and academic support and access of healthcare services to meet the needs of community/health institutions in the health sector market.

SAMBA Healthcare is dedicated to deliver quality services on health and health related topics in any field out there. What makes Samba different is the unique alignment it has to World Health Organization’s plan of Universal Health Coverage. Because of our well-experienced professional and academic experts in the field of medicine, we are very much assured of the innovative solutions we provide for the services you are trying to give.


We are a dedicated healthcare services team with experience in all aspects of Healthcare designs (such as Healthcare management, training's, document production, event organizations including volunteer activities, and health-related Researches). We are the right partners when it comes to, access and community health promotion. We are passionate about the success of your health and health related institution and/or projects. Our goal is to change the conventional method of doing Healthcare and Health related consultations. We exist to become the leading Healthcare consultancy in Africa, and we look forward to putting our talents to your preferences and requirements.


To be the leading Healthcare Consultancy in Africa


  • To deliver expert advice/products in alignment with Universal Health Coverage in healthcare service, advocacy, research & education to the health sector market
  • Collaborate with our local & international clients/partners for success & sustainable results
  • Our location